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Never before have I had so many people taking classes with me that have never even dreamed of handling firearms but out of concern for their safety or the safety of their loved ones, they have egarerly sought instruction.  My classes are not the large size classes typical of most firearms schools that can be intimidating for most non-gun beginners.  These students told me that they were very against owning firearms and favored gun control.  The basic firearm class TOTALLY changed their mind and cleared up so many misconceptions about what the media has said about firearms in general.  The key to gun misuse is not restricting their use by law abiding citizens but to educate and promote firearm safety.  Unfortunately, this concept has long ago been forgotten.

Although PFIS, LLC specializes in small group firearm instruction, my niche is tailored firearms instruction for individuals who want one-on-one personalized instruction using a handgun, rifle, and/or shotgun for defensive or recreational purposes.

In an ever-increasing world of reduced personal safety, the protection of home, property, self, and loved ones becomes an immediate concern. In recent years, those that have never even considered handling firearms are now seeking firearm safety instruction just in case the use of such tools are necessary to reduce their chance of being a victim in a deadly force situation.

Another common trend is increased numbers of women seeking the ability to use firearms in their defense. Women that are currently being stalked (or past victims of stalking or abuse) are beginning to realize that they cannot count on law enforcement to stop immediate threats against them and/or their love ones. Through careful instruction in the safe use of firearms for self-defense they are taught skills that help minimize their risk of being victimized in a deadly force situation.

"There are several techniques I learned that may very well save my life should I ever be forced to defend myself. Your class seemed to focus right in on the important issues of handgun safety."  - student Matt Hammonds


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