Personalized Firearms Instruction

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“Worry more about the caliber of your shooting and less about the caliber of your ammo”

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Although PFIS, LLC. specializes in small group firearm instruction, our niche is tailored firearms instruction for individuals who want one-on-one personalized instruction using a handgun, rifle, and/or shotgun for defensive or recreational purposes.

In an ever-increasing world of reduced personal safety, the protection of home, property, self, and loved ones becomes an immediate concern.  In recent years, those that have never even considered handling firearms are now seeking firearm safety instruction just in case the use of such tools are necessary to reduce their chance of being a victim in a deadly force situation.

Another common trend is increased numbers of women seeking the ability to use firearms in their defense.  Women that are currently being stalked (or past victims of stalking or abuse) realize that they cannot count on law enforcement to stop immediate threats against them and/or their love ones.  Through careful instruction in the safe use of firearms for self-defense they are taught skills that help minimize their risk of being victimized in a deadly force situation.

Gun Owners of America, cites statistics indicating guns are used 2.5 million times a year in self-defense, or around 80 times a day (other statistics estimate this number could range as low as 1.5 million, but either number is a lot!). This includes 200,000 women a year using guns to defend themselves against sexual abuse. As a matter of fact, as of 2008, armed citizens killed more violent bad guys than the police (1,527 vs. 606).

It appears George Washington had it right, when he said:

“The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that is good.”

What about concealed carry?

“Statistics from the recent past show states that passed concealed carry reduced their murder rate by 8.5%, rapes by 5% and robbery by 3%. Florida, which passed concealed carry in 1987, saw its higher than average homicide rate drop 52% during the following 15 years after passage, to below the national average.”

Instead of discouraging firearm ownership and use in self-defense against lethal, wouldn’t it be better to support and promote more firearm safety instruction in communities, since the major “concern” is firearm safety!!

Contact for more information:

    Steve Griffith,  541-230-4459,  Steve(at)


Student Feedback

“Hi Steve, Thank you again for a great class. I really appreciated your patience and help.  Looking forward to the next class with you.” - Will

“Thanks so much for the awesome class yesterday. I really felt like I learned a lot, and of course had so much fun!!!  I can't wait to take another class, hopefully with my husband next!  I really appreciate your teaching style, attention to safety, and your patience with us! Some of those drills were way outside my comfort zone but you really give us the building blocks to do them in a safe way!  I talked to Felicite later in the day and she was still so pumped from the class! Thanks again and I hope to see you soon!” - Aumi

“I attended the handgun safety class last Sunday and just wanted to take a minute to tell you thank you and how much I appreciated the class.  The manner in which you conducted the class, gearing it toward us (women only class), was beyond what I ever expected.  I learned so much during the class as well as at the range.  You were so patient with all of us and took the extra time for our questions and when we had difficulties.  I came away from the class feeling confident, empowered, and looking forward to continuing my learning and experience by taking a future class from you.  Again, I can't thank you enough.  Everything was top notch from signup, class discussion, paperwork, to the range practice, instruction, and the extensive knowledge you willingly shared.  You addressed this class gearing it toward women and their needs and special circumstances.  Thanks again, and it was exciting to see that you have such a passion for teaching weapon handling, technique, and safety. Nicely done!”  - Wendy

"There are several techniques I learned that may very well save my life should I ever be forced to defend myself.  Your class seemed to focus right in on the important issues of handgun safety."  - student comment

“I'd say that was the best quality teaching/instruction of a new skill that I've received in as long as I can recall.  Your expertise, your ability to effectively tune-into me, your unmistakable clarity, and your passion in teaching the content combined to make it a fun day and quality start.” - student comment